Yarn Oiling Devices

Yarn Oiling Devices

Product application :
It is a device, which performs instant lubrication on twisting Yarn. Modern textile machines operate with high yarn speeds & It is desired to use them with a view of economy and improves The features (Properties) of the yarns for subsequent processing By using lubrication the co-efficient of friction of the yarns is Reduces; this eliminates abrasion, dust and fly. However, the Lubricant on yarn needs to be applied instantly and at the Appropriate moment as well to ensure better running properties in yarn for processes subsequent to twisting. This device lubricates high speed twisting yarn instantly and technically at appropriate moment.

How it function ?

The untwisted yarn passes the apex of the spindle and before running into the hollow axle it touches the misting element whose capillary action brings the lubricant from the reservoir into the contact zone, by means of suction tube which applies to the yarn. exchangeable entry rings determine the length of the contact area between the yarn and the moistening element and thus the quantity applied.

How is it Advantages ?

When operating with the offline system i.e conventional method, the interval of time between application and twisting can be so great that most of the lubricant has disappeared into the fiber, as a result, only a mini-percentage of the applied lubricating agent remains on the surface of the yarn.

Whereas the advantage of the Yarn Oiling Device " In Line System" is that the short space of time between application and actual twisting ensures a full protective effect of the lubrication film, particularly when the yarn is subject to its highest friction in the balloon limit area. The same protection is given at all contact points.

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